Looks like we're not the only ones super excited about Game of Thrones' return to TV. The Blue Man Group paid homage to the popular show with an expectedly mind-blowing cover of its majestic theme song. Watch it in the video above!

The group is definitely composed of some seriously devout Game of Thrones fans. The notoriously tight-lipped group tweeted that they would take a vow of silence (LOL!) until Hodor, a recurring GOT character, was confirmed for the show's fifth season. At one point in the video above, the name "Hodor" streams up and down the screen as the song plays.

This is the song like you've never heard it before. For starters, in typical Blue Man Group fashion, the guys eschewed traditional instruments in favor of pipes, jars, tubes and other noise-making objects. Then there's the epicness of the iconic musical group recreating the iconic theme song.

The internet's buzzing with Game of Thrones news. Sesame Street even took on the show, spoofing it in their "Game of Chairs" video. If that's not enough to get you excited for the new season, which premiere on April 12, then you can brush up on your GOT trivia right here and see how PopCrush ranks the female characters on the show.

The theme song for the hit HBO show was composed by Ramin Djawadi, according to TIME. You can watch the Blue Man Group's take on it in the video above!

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