Parents, mark your calendars. Blippi is coming to El Paso.

Blippi the Musical will be in town this spring, and there's going to be all kinds of singing and dancing. As Blippi would say, “Woooooo! This is going to be so much fun.”

For your kids, not necessarily you. But maybe you, too.

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What's a Blippi?

If you haven’t been subjected to the overly enthusiastic Youtube character enough already, the live stage show should take care of that.

Blippi, for the uninitiated, is a wildly popular internet character created by Stevin John that combines singing and dancing with lessons for toddlers and children.

Kind of like a Mr. Rogers but super-animated and with a bow tie and suspenders instead of a sweater.

What is Blippi the Musical?

Blippi The Musical is bringing the fun antics of his many adventures to the stage, to provide an interactive, family-friendly show unlike anything else out there.

Join Blippi and his amazing new friends for an all-ages extravaganza of fun, dancing, and singing. The exciting show features 13 family-friendly songs to get little ones up and moving along

Moonbug Entertainment
Moonbug Entertainment

Parents who will do anything for their kids -- even spending a night in hell on earth listening to catchy songs in a theater full of raucous rugrats -- should note that “Blippi the Musical” will feature the Blippi character played by professional stage performers selected by its creator, according to the press release.

In other words, Stevin John is not in the live show.


Blippi and his dancing and singing buddies will be at the Abraham Chavez Theatre on Friday, May 6, 2022. Tickets on sale now..

Moonbug Entertainment
Moonbug Entertainment

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