Join Paso Del Norte Trail and Frontera Land Alliance for a bike ride along the historic Playa Drain Trail segment of the Paso Del Norte Trail.

El Paso’s natural terrain offers outdoor enthusiasts everything from hiking, mountain biking, road biking, rock climbing, and much more, from the foot of the Franklin Mountains to McKelligon Canyon to Hueco Tanks and everything in-between.

The pandemic sparked a renewed interest in outdoor activities, and with nearly year-round excellent sunny weather throughout more than half the year, bike riding in El Paso became very popular.

With perfect weather and hundreds of miles of trails ranging from easy to downright exhausting, El Pasoans have plenty of options.

This weekend,  join the Paso Del Norte Trail and Frontera Land Alliance for a bike ride along the Playa Drain Trail, a segment of the historic Paso Del Norte Trail.

Bike Ride Details:

  • The trail is a 6.8-mile round-trip bike ride along the Playa Drain Trail shared-use path that runs along the historic Playa Drain canal.
  • Get ready to spot burrowing owl habitats and green-infrastructure water harvesting installations on your ride.
  • Park at 301 Manny Martinez Dr.
  • Meet at the Playa Drain Trail trailhead (near Ascarate Park across the street from the parking area)
  • Be sure to wear a helmet
  • Bring water/snacks
  • Face masks will be required while not actively riding

The event is open to the public, and beginners and children are welcome. Also, make sure to dress comfortably, wear appropriate shoes, and don’t forget to slather on the sunscreen.

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