Beyonce is taking over the web today. She tweeted for the first time and now she has loaded her official Tumblr site with lots and lots of images. It is literally a treasure trove of photos of the diva. If you want to get to know Bey up close and personal, this Tumblr is the way to do it, since she opened up the vaults and the archives, sharing tons of snaps.

We have always marveled at the singer’s natural, stunning beauty, but these images of the Bey, in all sorts of locales, sporting a range of different attire and a variety of hair colors and styles, really prove that she is easily one of the Top 10 most beautiful women in the world.

Bey shares photos from promo shoots, from magazines and from her personal life with hubby Jay-Z. She has always been notoriously private about her marriage and off-stage life, but now, she is pulling back the curtain. It’s nice to finally get a look at the inside, since we’ve never been granted such access. The singer is taking control and dictating what we see and how, so more power to her. It’s better for her to curate things than to have shots splashed all over the tabloids or, even worse, stolen and posted. She’s doing it the right way and connecting directly with fans.

Now, back to the shots. There are candid and cuddly images of the urban music world’s first couple while on vacations, dates, trips and more.

We love that you can see her on the beach (buried up to her neck in sand), on Halloween (as Spidey) or looking nerdy hot in sexy librarian glasses. We also catch her smoking a cigar. It’s a mix of glam, street, casual and dolled up.

If you heart Beyonce, you were certainly get your fill of the diva by visiting this site. There are tons and tons of photos to page through, like you are flipping through Bey’s personal scrapbook.

There’s also video footage of the pregnant mom-to-be  in a bikini, standing by a blue ivy tree.

Watch Beyonce-in-a-Bikini by a Blue Ivy Tree

Beyonce Veil
Beyonce Sand
Bey Nerdy

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