Madonna‘s manager and team threw her a surprise party to celebrate ‘MDNA’ debuting No. 1. The Material Girl looked genuinely surprised by the gathering when she walked into the room, which looked like a studio, where the little soiree was being held. She was a vision of fabulosity, with her  glasses, fingerless Chanel gloves, fur shrug and bedhead look.

She asks what’s going on, and Guy Oseary, her manager, says, “You’re No. 1!” She replies, “I didn’t even know.” Mmm hmm. Sure you didn’t, Madge. You’re Madonna — you’re always at the top of the pop food chain. No. Questions. Asked.

But she quickly does a spin and dances in celebration, heading over to the table to cut some cake. How amazing would it be to have Madonna handing you a slice of delicious cake at her party? She grabs the knife and looks fierce, and everyone backs up for a sec.

She doesn’t just cut the cake, though. She smashes some in Oseary’s face, saying, “That’s for making me work so hard, motherf—er.”

We’ve seen the bruises from her tour rehearsals, so he is certainly making Madge bust her butt. But look at the dividends. Another numero uno! Congrats, Madge. Here’s to a tour that is just as successful as the album.

Watch Madonna Celebrate ‘MDNA’ Debuting No. 1

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