Beyoncé's biggest fan just might be her most talented. Christopher Minafo spent a whopping 60 hours working on an incredibly realistic image of Beyonce — and lucky for us, he got the whole thing on video.

“Since this was the biggest project I’ve taken on thus far I wanted to make sure I got the entire thing on video, so I could share my process with anyone that was curious,” Christopher, a student at New York University, tells The Huffington Post.

The video features snapshots of Christopher working on the painting as the massive image of Beyoncé comes together piece by piece. The background music that plays during the video? Naturally, it's Beyonce's "Grown Woman," aka the Pepsi commercial song.

The painter shared the video with the following message: "For the first time ever, I've recorded my painting process from beginning to end 60 hours over 14 days- and what better subject than my idol, Beyoncé. I'm super proud of this and it would mean the world to me if everybody saw (hopefully Queen B herself!) the hard work I put into this, so if you liked or shared it I'd accept it as an early birthday present ;)"

“The painting is really meant to be a thank-you for all the times Beyoncé’s music has made my day that much better,” Christopher said.

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