For the first time since 2008, the Sun Bowl was sold out for the UTEP season home opener! 45,971 fans filled the Sun Bowl only to see the Miners lose to North Texas, 31-13. Yikes.

Steve Kaplowitz.
Steve Kaplowitz.

I am by no means a football savant, but I know that can't be good for the Miners first game! If you want a full synopsis of the game, and what it could mean for the Miners, check out our sports authorities Adrian Broaddus and Steve Kaplowitz's recent articles on the game.

However, I have a feeling that if you clicked on this article, it's not for the game stats, it's for the mess happening around the game. Even before the game, so many people were excited to see the action on the field!

El Paso even welcomed our friends from North Texas in the MOST El Paso way possible.

(How amazing is that, BTW? El Paso you can be nice when you want to!)

And some were super excited for the tailgating!

It had to be a rough start when they called out that weather delay!

Some believed that maybe the weather delay was a sign for the people who were late to make it on time!

Imagine walking all the way to the Sun Bowl only to be told to "shelter in place".

Even though we know that the words "UTEP" and "tailgate" can sometimes equal disaster!

I mean, this is how some prepared to tailgate...

If you own a Tacoma and you're going to the UTEP tailgates, be prepared to be the butt of the joke.

Of course Tacoma's are not banned, however some saw an opportunity for a side hustle.

All everyone wanted was that win!

However, as time went on, and UTEP was not looking too good, some saw this as their opportunity to leave, and then we got this gem of a Tweet!

Soon I found myself invested in the game, via Twitter and I'm sure many were reminded of the romantic evening that happened last season.

Up next, UTEP will travel to Oklahoma and take on the Sooners, and they are already warning UTEP that it's not personal.

Better luck next time, Miners!

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