It seems like every time you turn around, there's a commercial on TV for or, telling you they can help you find your perfect match.    

But what if you are looking here in town, and want to actually be in the room with them when you meet? Sounds Stone Age almost, doesn't it? Meeting in person? Whether or not online services can help, you're still the only person who can decide who you want to be with, so why not be there for the meeting?    

Here's a short list of some ideas on places you can meet other single people, maybe strike up a conversation and see what happens.    

Health Club or Gym


Join a health club and it solves two problems. You'll be less of a couch potato and more fit. Think of all the people you will meet. The friends you meet there will most likely be healthy, athletic and attractive. You'll look better, feel better and more confident. Take a yoga class. You'll learn something new and make new friends, male and female with similar interests. Conversation is easier if you have something in common.

Happy Hour at Local Bar or Wine Tastings

Little Black Dress Party 2010

Doesn’t matter what kind of place you like to meet people, you can find it in El Paso. From a casual, fun atmosphere like King’s X, to a cool brewpub like Border City Alehouse, retro dancing at Club 101, numerous sports bars and tons of karaoke all over town! With some great wineries in Mesilla and our surrounding area, there are always some great tastings and dinners going on, in case you don’t want to do the whole bard thing. Sit down and have a drink or two, meet some new people and see what happens!  

Sign Up For a Class (Continuing Education)


Signing up for continuing education can do a couple things for you. First, you might actually learn something if you actually enjoy the class, but it can help you meet new people who might have the same mindset! You’re obviously both bettering yourselves, so you have that as a good conversation starter. You both have an interest in whatever the class is about, so there’s topic number two! Try to not pick a class talking about gross stuff, or that might lead to gross conversations, though.  EPCC, NMSU, and UTEP all have lots of great continuing education choices.

Coffee Shops

Kinley's House

People usually seem to get happier when they’re receiving their coffee fix, so a good place to meet people and strike up a conversation could be the coffee house near you! Whether it’s a Starbucks, Kinley’s House, The Percolator or Coffee Emporium, you can grab a hot or iced beverage (even tea) and start meeting people. Try not to look busy, smile and be friendly. You never know if you might meet that special someone! For great coffee places, you can find out more here!  

Kid Parties/Friends/Kid Shows

Sesame Street Live

Now, don't get all scared. We're not saying to lurk around kid places. But if you're a single mom or dad, you're probably going to end up going to a lot (A LOT!) of kid functions. Birthday parties, Sesame Street Live shows, Disney on Ice performances, youth sports, and kid play places like Adventure Zone, Bob-O's or Jungle Jaks! Ladies, it can be a really good sign if a single Dad is with his child at one of these places. Guys, there are a lot of single moms at these places. Now don't start imagining this as a crazy meat-market, but a casual conversation could lead to coffee or dinner later on.    

Where do you go to meet single people? What are your favorite spots to meet and get to know potential partners? Let us know, and we'll update everyone with your ideas!

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