There's no greater Halloween tradition than putting on a costume and going house to house demanding homeowners fill your Walmart bag with candy.

The trick to getting the best and most treats is finding the right neighborhood to pull off your legalized extortion. And by that, I mean the fancy schmancy communities with residents most likely to have the kind of coin it takes to purchase the good, name brand chocolates like Snickers and Kit Kat bars.

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We recently took to Facebook to ask our radio station listeners and social media followers to name the best El Paso neighborhood to go trick or treating in, and the five that received the most mentions are listed below.

I’ve also included the results of a study published in 2020 by Zillow to determine pretty much the same thing, although they put more effort into it than just crowd-sourcing on Facebook.

The real estate site had its economic experts come up with some kind of voodoo science that took into consideration factors such as home values, the number of kids of trick or treating age living in that area, and walk-ability -- meaning homes are close together resulting in less walking while you’re going door-to-door.

Note: I can’t vouch for the accuracy of either list nor do I know where most of these neighborhoods are that little boys and ghouls can supposedly score Mcdonald's Boo Buckets full of goodies, but one thing is clear; there's a consensus on one particular community.

Our Crowd-Sourced Top 5

El Paso Trick or Treat map North Hills

• North Hills
• Cimarron
• High Ridge area
• Loretto area
• Kern Place

The Zillow Top 5

El Paso Trick or Treat map East Side

• North Hills
• East Side
• Las Tierras
• Las Palmas
• Coronado Hills

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Getty Images

Have a safe and happy Halloween, and remember: taking your kids trick or treating is all the excuse you need to justify eating the best candy.

As for me, I’ll be partaking in my favorite Halloween night tradition of turning off the porch light and turning down the TV sound to make it look like we’re not home. Ba humbug!

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