Gwen Stefani sat down to talk her effortless top knot hairstyle, her clothes and lipstick in this behind-the-scenes footage from her Harper’s Bazaar cover shoot. Stefani covers the September issue, looking pretty in pink.

Stefani also talked about her top knot or the “fun bun,” as girls who copy her coif call it, but when asked about how often does she ‘”thinks pink,” since her shoot and spread was so pink-centric, she said,
“I haven’t thought pink in a long time…in like 10 years…I am feeling pink again; it has come back
into my life.”

Her staples are white tanks, which are easy to dispose of. She also has a storage space but she’s never been there. She just knows that the clothes “go” there. Stefani has a very standoffish attittude about her wardrobe, doesn’t she?

Lastly, she copped to being in “L’Oreal mode” with her lipsticks. Well, she is a spokesmodel for the brand, so she best be!

And there you have it. Style secrets with the lovely and fabulous Gwen Stefani.

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