Lady Gaga looks absolutely incredible on her cover of Vogue’s all-important (and largest ever) September issue, and the mag is showing a behind-the-scenes glimpse of how her style came about. Though she’s beautiful, her cover look isn’t one she can quite honestly cite in ‘Born This Way.’

Appropriately set to the ‘Born This Way’ track ‘Hair,’ the clip opens with images of Gaga spliced with black-and-white vintage stock footage of women primping and fluffing their own manes. We see the crew assembling the set for the photo shoot, as well as some enormous wigs that Gaga sports in her shots.

Though Gaga wears mostly avant garde couture gowns in the mag’s spread, we see her arrive onto the set in head to toe black, tousling her medium length blond hair and rocking shades and red lips.

The camera pans over the various accessories she dons in the shoot, and we see her posing in some of them, including a giant furry black hat and a similar topper in animal print. In another shot, she wears what looks like a giant black furry bubble (seriously), but somehow she makes it look, well, typical.

The ‘Edge of Glory’ songstress is clearly comfortable in front of the camera, alternatively smiling, sneering and showing her teeth based on her mood and direction. She doesn’t have conventional model looks, but Gaga is still stunning and fierce in front of a lens.