Kidsapalooza is a long-time El Paso family event, but this year, the decade old event will not be held.

I reached out to Ruth Ellen Jacobson, the Executive Director of the El Paso Symphony Orchestra, and she told me via email:

"We hope to have Kidspalooza next year. The city pulled its funding for the event and we have not been able to find replacement funds. I think Kidspalooza is the only Spring event that is downtown with activities for kids. We worked hard to keep Kidspalooza free to the public but cannot do it without funding."

For 10 years, Kidsapalooza featured children’s concerts, games, painting, craft workshops, and educational stops throughout the downtown area. It's a shame that it won't be happening this year, but because so little information is being released about it being closed down this year, we'll just have to wait to see if Kidsapalooza makes it back downtown next year.

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