Are avocados considered a meal or a condiment add on? Help us decide.

Yesterday I packed a lovely and creamy whole avocado, three tortillas and an egg white scramble for lunch much to the chagrin of my co-worker Peter.

He claimed that an avocado was by no means a meal and that I was deluding myself into thinking it was a complete and healthy lunch. I, of course, disagreed, I was fully satisfied with my lunch choice. It wasn’t too heavy or too light plus it was healthy as avocados contain a source of vitamins and good fatty acids. Peter thinks that avocados are more of a condiment, something you add on  to an already existing meal but let him tell you in his own words:

Why avocados aren't a meal and are a condiment instead. First of all, Merriam-Webster defines a meal as:

1: An act or the time of eating a portion of food to satisfy an appetite

2: The portion of food eaten at a meal

This being an avocado is not a portion of food eaten as a meal that satisfies my appetite. It’s more of an ingredient or condiment to put on meals to make them taste better. Examples- Tacos, flautas, burgers, sandwiches chips, hell you can even put in a damn salad. Pretty much anything tastes better with avocado. Mustard ketchup and mayo make burgers and hot dogs better but it ain’t no meal. "But I eat avocado with toast and tortillas", Peanut butter and jelly can do the same and still not a meal, solo. If you're eating avocado as a meal and I mean by itself and not part of another "real" meal, you may have to really reevaluate your life.

So there you have it, where do you think an avocado falls under – meal or condiment?

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