A wild road rage incident that allegedly took place Monday in Austin is getting lots of online attention -- mostly because of the weapons the two grown men chose to duel with.

The confrontation, which was caught on cellphone and uploaded to Twitter, begins with the first guy getting out of his car and walking up to a pickup truck ready to do battle with a baseball bat.

The other guy jumps out of the truck with his fists balled up before realizing (1.) he didn't put his truck in park, and (2.) bats trump fists. So after running back to his vehicle and putting it in park, he's seen reaching into his truck bed for a long wooden pole and engaging the first guy. The two then proceed to hit one another several times before the footage ends.

[WARNING! The video includes use of the N and S-word]

Many on the World Wide Web of Snarky Comments pointed out how much the skirmish resembled a sword fight, prompting someone with mad software skills to CGI the footage and make it look like the combatants were engaging in a Star Wars-style lightsaber fight.

Oh, Internet. You never fail to amuse me.

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