Local artists Los Viosonaries create a mural and dancer G Mist was invited on stage to perform during Portugal. The Man’s hit single Feel It Still.

When KISS-FM held its private acoustic performance with Portugal. The Man the band got a chance to meet with Los Visonaries, a local art collaborative group that encompasses different artists with a varied background of skills. Los Visionaries unveiled their mural made specifically for the concert where the goddess Isis demonstrates the unity of our border city, music, and the unison of humanity overall.


The mural was set up an hour before and an hour after the show outside the Plaza Theatre where Portugal. The Man performed for the evening and the showcase also included Los Visionaries group member G Mist, a street artist and dancer.

G Mist who is also part of the Sun City Floor Rockers has been dancing since a very young age after first dancing to Billy Jean from Michael Jackson. Now he’s focusing on his own choreography and after meeting with Portugal. The Man the band was not only impressed with the mural Los Visionaries created for the show but they also decided to invite G Mist to come up on stage during the show to perform his dance routine for all to see during their hit single, Feel It Still.

Portugal. The Man's concert was a night to remember but this particular evening also gave the audience a chance to see what incredible and talented artists reside in El Paso.

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