Looks like Justin Bieber isn't the only musician to head into space in the near future! Armin van Buuren, the Dutch DJ, will head into the stratosphere making him the very first DJ in space!

Though, Bieber and van Buuren will not be on the same galactic adventure. Justin will leave the Earth's atmosphere aboard the Virgin Galactic with other celebs like Ashton Kutcher, while Armin will be heading into space on the Space Expedition Corporation's spaceship with 100 other "astronauts." As of right now, the maiden voyage of Space Expedition Corporation will leave in 2014, which is the same as the Virgin flight. So there's still no word on which musician will reach the stars first!

According to Your EDM, van Buuren mused about his space voyage, "For every DJ, it’s a dream to travel 3,5 times faster than their own sound! And then that deafening silence at 100 kilometers high. I can’t wait. I guess a 200 BPM heart rate is likely."

Either way, fans of pop and EDM a like will have to look to the skies for their fave artists one of these days!

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