There is nothing worse than getting a ticket.  You get pulled over, you have to give a law enforcement officer your driver's license and hope that you remembered to pay your insurance.  Then, for some odd reason, you thank the guy for giving you something that is going to give you a headache!  But, for some people, it only gets worse from there.....

That's because some of us forget to pay our tickets.  Or we get hacked off and just say, "Forget that!  I'm not going to pay this damned thing!  I'll show them!"

Well, it doesn't show 'them' anything except the way to make more money off you!  Tickets don't just sit around and gather dust in some forgotten database.  Nope - they gather interest and penalties, and they become - DUN DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUN - WARRANTS!!!!!!

Once that happens, you become eligible for some of them there locking bracelets that law enforcement types like to cary around on their belts!  So, avoid that, you should pay your tickets.  If you HAVEN'T paid your tickets to the El Paso Sheriff's Office, you might have a warrent out for your arrest, and they are going to come and find you.

But there is good news - the Sheriff's Office is offering an 11 day amnesty period that gives you time to square up with the men in, um, what color do the Sheriff's deputies wear?

Well, anyway, check out this link to find out if your name is on that list, and then get to paying that bill!  If you looked on the list that was published this last weekend in the El Paso Times and didn't see your name, you might not be in the clear.  That's because they could only publish a portion of the list of people with outstanding warrants, and saying your name didn't come out in the paper won't be a defense if you do have an outstanding warrant, but your name wasn't in the paper.

You owe it to yourself, and, well, let's be frank here, you owe it to the County, to pay your tickets.  The amnesty program ends September 28th, so, get 'er done, or else you might be taking a not so pleasant ride in a Sherrif's car soon!