Thanksgiving is next week, and there are a zillion ways to cook your turkey. One of them is to fry it. You'll need a turkey fryer and a lot of oil to get the job done, but after you've wowed your guests with your cooking prowess, what the heck do you do with all that leftover oil?

You could just dump it down your kitchen sink? No, you cannot. Don’t pour the cooking fats, oil or grease down the drain because they can back up the sewer line into your home and storm drains, and then into wastewater treatment plants. You'll also most likely end up with a clogged drain and have to call the plumber. He'll appreciate it because he'll charge you a holiday rate and his kids will have a wonderful Christmas with all the money you had to pay their dad. So, if you can't toss gallons of oil down the drain, what the hell do you do with the dang stuff? El Paso City officials have the answer.

You take the used oil to a City of El Paso Citizen Collection Station. It’s free, but you’ll need a current El Paso Water Utilities bill and ID when you go.

The drop-off sites are closed on Thanksgiving Day, but they’ll be open their regular hours the day after. Here are the sites:

• 4501 Hondo Pass
• 1034 Pendale
• 2492 Harrison
• 121 Atlantic
• 4200 Delta

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