Major League Baseball is wrapping up it's season, and last night in Phoenix, the LA Dodgers clinched the NL West with a 7-6 win over the Arizona Diamondbacks.  Before the game, the D-backs asked the Dodgers to not jump in the pool at Chase Field if they won.  Now, they're crying because that's exactly what the Dodgers did!  D-bag behavior, or justified celebration?  We report, you decide!

The video of the Dodgers is priceless.  The players run across the field, and the first guy to jump in looks like he's suspended in air!

started whining on Twitter about how "classless" the Dodgers were for celebrating their win:

So, the question is, should the Dodgers have just jumped around on the field, or was it okay for them to jump into the pool in their opponent's home stadium?

I think it was perfectly fine. This wasn't just a normal, run-of-the-mill game. This was for the NL West, and it was an incredibly close game. I think in cases of title games, an over-the-top celebration should be expected and players should be excused for their behavior, as long as there is no destruction involved.

Suck it up, D-backs and stop being so whiny!