I love those silly websites that put out silly surveys and research about which city is the ugliest ( El Paso rated 12th among the 18 cities on this list, the most diabetic (El Paso ranked first followed by the McAllen in South Texas and Canton, Ohio on this list, and the drunkest (I mean really El Pasoans, we're No.1 in Texas and America on this list.

But a new survey by the website Porch.com that ranked cities with the most break-ins or burglaries in the US says El Paso is one of the safest places to live. We are ranked 45th out of 47 large cities, but what makes us so safe? I think it's because of one very common feature on our houses, wrought iron gates and doors.

Patricia Martinez
Patricia Martinez

If you are new to El Paso you've probably notice a lot of houses have wrought iron grills on their windows and doors. They're not only pretty but they serve a purpose. They keep people out. They come with quick escape latches so you're not trapped in your home but they do allow you to sleep with your windows open at night without fear that someone might get into your home.

Of course, I have no scientific proof of my theory, but I've lived in El Paso all but 10 years of my life and when I lived in San Diego and Austin I never really slept easy because wrought iron windows and doors just weren't a thing there. I never could understand why anyone would want to open a front door without having one between them and a potential criminal. I'm just glad I live in El Paso where they are a normal part of the decor and home security set up.

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