Touch Bar & Nightclub hosted RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6 Alum ‘April Carrión’ on Saturday, October 21st and the Puerto Rican princess slayed the stage performing songs by Sade & Flight Facilities. Carrión began the slayage by lip syncing ‘Is It A Crime’ and fulfilling her encore performance of ‘Crave You’. She began pretty covered up and completed her set nearly naked in nipple pasties and a leaf covering her bottom half of the illusion. April spoke a lot of Spanish making her in my opinion even more appealing than she already is physically. She’s the quintessential showgirl bringing up me on stage for a cute dance to Celia Cruz’s 'Carnival'. I’ll be honest, I only danced with her for like 5 seconds because I was SHOOOOOOK.

April is popular for her latin flare contributions to the mainstream world of drag-pop culture and remembered well for leaving Adam Lambert salivating at her runway walk compelling RuPaul herself to comment on the sexual tension between the pair.

April (birth name Jason Carrión) kept her original last name in an effort to bring pride to her family and the pride is crossing borders due to her focus on latino representation on American television. April is featured in a documentary about young transexuals and drag queens called MALA MALA and it is available on Netflix now.

Check out a recap of her El Paso performance & fan interviews below:


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