Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Antonio Brown says El Paso needs to stop wildin’.

“El Paso’s struggling,” the ex-NFL player says in a video posted and possibly paid for by FitFam El Paso. “If you think I’m wildin’ it’s nothing compared to there, E.P.”

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He then urges us to stop doing three things:

“Fight less"

FitFam El Paso
FitFam El Paso

"Stop shooting"

FitFam El Paso
FitFam El Paso

"And driving crazy.”

FitFam El Paso
FitFam El Paso

Wait, stop “driving crazy”? The fighting and the shooting we most definitely need to work on, but the horrible driving? That’s part of our city’s DNA. It’s who we are, man.

Besides, a recent study ranked El Paso among the best cities to drive in. No joke.

Pot Calling the Kettle Black

Many hit up the comments section to cleverly point out the irony of Brown calling us out for wildin' with subtle references to his viral mid-game meltdown versus the Jets a couple of months ago when he stripped off his jersey and pads, and did a few jumping jacks before running off the field waving to the crowd.

gerardoromo23: You know things are f****d up when antonio brown giving you advice

romanrouge: If Antonio Brown says EP crazy than it’s f***ing crazy here

puga20: Yes let’s all take advice from AB

Is FitFam Paying Celebrities to Roast Us?

According to a couple of comments, Antonio's concern for our well-being was bought and paid for.

ayo_fabz: Someone by the name of Jules Chan literally paid $600 for this. What a waste of money lmao

The message disguised as a celebrity shoutout-slash-PSA is actually a Cameo video.

Cameo is an online service that lets anyone create personalized videos for "birthdays, milestones, or even a well-deserved roast" and hire celebrities to do them.

But for real, though, we do need to calm-the-you-know-what-down up in here.

If El Paso keeps it up, I may have no choice but to doff my shirt and leave the desert dramatically after doing at least one jumping jack. Trust me, you don't want to see that.

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