Antonio Basco lost his wife in the August 3 Walmart massacre. After his wife Margie Reckard's death, he revealed to Perches Funeral Home employees that he had no one in El Paso and was worried that there would be no one at Margie's funeral. Perches posted Antonio's story on social media and invited the public to Margie's services. That post resulted in hundreds of people showing up to her services on Friday and Saturday to show their support for him and Margie.

Then, on Sunday, another social media post revealed that the show of support for Antonio and Margie did not extend to the horrible person who stole Antonio's car and wrecked it. A social media post from a woman who said her husband towed the car read:

"Mr. Antonio Basco's vehicle was stolen and wrecked sometime between him receiving it back from CASA and yesterday night. The car was found and towed by my husband back to his house this morning. WTF is wrong with people!? He just buried his wife yesterday and now this s*!t. This is the same vehicle CASA just completely serviced and repaired for him. He told my husband that whoever took it also stole a pressure washing machine from a small trailer he used to use for mobile car washing.SHARE!!"

The vehicle was never reported stolen, but Casa Ford, which is where Basco's car was serviced, stepped up and handed the keys to a free SUV this afternoon. The El Paso Herald Post and photog Johnny Yturrales reported that there were a number of people on hand to cheer Antonio on as he thanked Casa Ford for the vehicle. According to a spokeperson for Antonio, he didn't want to speak to reporters because he is still trying to process everything that has happened in the past two weeks.

We hope that Antonio can get the time he needs to heal and catch his breath.

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