Animal Services in El Paso has issued a statement relating to the claims made by PETA.

Back in August PETA reported El Paso Animal Services to authorities due to the housing dogs in severely inhumane conditions.

According to PETA, and a whistleblower, along with graphic photos that have been circulating, shows dogs inside the Animal Services Center facility that were mauled or partially eaten by other dogs while in the care of the shelter.

While Animal Services admit that the photos were taken inside the center they stand by their claim that they at no time intentionally harmed any of the animals.

Now Animal Services has issued a statement regarding these allegations saying:

"El Paso Animal Services is aware of recent claims made by a national advocacy group that depict false allegations related to the housing and care of animals at the Animal Services Center. The accusations have no merit.

Since 2016, Animal Services has been committed to improving its operations and policies in an effort to enhance the care of the more than 27,000 animals that come into the shelter each year. Part of this effort has included the implementation of proven best practices aimed at improving the care, comfort and health of its shelter pets. In addition to these efforts taking place, El Paso Animal Services has been transparent during its transformation, and has always engaged the community and its national animal welfare partners to be involved in its lifesaving efforts.

In regards to the photographs that were shared, these images were in fact taken at Animal Services. However, the Department did not intentionally harm animals in its care. Unfortunately, accidents like these are some of the challenges that open-admission shelters face as they house animals from various health and behavior levels. An investigation found that the dog in the photo was injured by either its kennel mate or a neighboring mate. Once medical staff was notified, the dog was immediately humanely euthanized. El Paso Animal Services does not take the death of any of its shelter pets lightly, which is why the department is quick to investigate incidents like these and implement any necessary changes to prevent further tragedies.

Despite these challenges, El Paso Animal Services will remain committed to working together to improve animal welfare in the borderland region."

We will continue to follow this story and provide more details as they become available.

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