You may have seen some random furniture laying around El Paso. Most people would just shake their heads and ignore it but one El Paso is using it as a way to get the City of El Paso to pay attention to a big problem in our area.

Local artist Dabloidz has created a series of art you can find around town. The series "Nothing Mattress" was created to showcase the numerous mattresses and other items tossed around the neighborhood.

Once the items are sprayed, Dabloidz says the city is quick to pick them up. If there is no art on them, it takes a while for someone to come and clean up the area.

Now, I am not too sure where the hub of all these mattresses is in El Paso but, I stumbled upon one behind a Walgreens on Lee Trevino. Dabloidz send me some photos and said the Eastlake shopping center area is already starting to gather trash.

This is an incredibly creative and effective way to get officials to notice the problem and help pick up the items, but it is our community who needs to understand the message of the series.


Whatever happened to don't mess with Texas? Do we have to spray paint everything now?

I appreciate this community hero for taking some time to make art out of trash. Now only if others would appreciate owning a mattress. I believe Dabloidz will continue this series because people will continue to litter but please, if you see someone tossing something out, say something politely to them. We don't want to start any fights, but we also don't want our community to become a dumpster.

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