Maybe this guy is responsible for crop circles too, I don't know but the stuff he does with sand is absolutely breathtaking and beautiful. You have to see it to believe it. 

Everyone goes to the beach and builds a castle or even draws a heart in the sand with their finger, but Andres Amador takes those kid instincts to the next level. Andres is what is known as an earthscape artist. He uses the natural elements to design his exquisite masterpieces. He also does have art that can be purchased so not all his art will vanish in the elements.

Some of Andres' masterpieces can be larger than 100,000 sq ft! Of course the tide will roll in and eventually take away its beauty but many pictures are snapped and he can even use the same space again. They range from messages to flowers to very abstract pieces. They are simply amazing and if you are lucky enough to be in the San Francisco, California area, go find them! Fin Andres Amador on Facebook or his Website

Love art? Check out what this girl does with sand! What's with the sand art? I gotta try it for myself! This girl is incredible!