The Catholic Diocese of El Paso has issued a statement regarding the coronavirus (Covid-19) and how to best continue observing Lent during this pandemic.

Bishop Mark J. Seitz issued a statement on how to best handle attending mass and observing Lent during the Covid-19 outbreak. El Paso is mostly 80% Catholic and in the wake of the pandemic, parishioners should take extra caution especially those that are above the age of 65.

Apart from having eliminating physical contact during mass and communal wine sharing, the Catholic Diocese of El Paso asks that parishioners 65 and older along with those with chronic health conditions should consider not attending Mass during this time. For this group of people, the Sunday obligation is commuted during this time by the church. Meditation on the prescribed readings for Mass, making a Spiritual Communion in place of receiving of the Eucharist and following Mass on television is highly encouraged instead.

Here are a few alternate options:

  • You can watch Mass on EWTN’s live feed instead. Mass is offered at 8 am EST and 12 pm EST on Sunday. To check the schedule Click HERE.
  • You can find a live broadcast of perpetual Adoration – Click Here.
  • You can watch, listen or read through the video presentations of an online Lenten Retreat - Click Here.
  • Lastly you can pray the rosary as a family until it is safe once again to attend large gatherings in public.

To read the complete statement by the Catholic Diocese of El Paso - Click HERE.

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