Alicia Keys has either just given fellow Voice coach Gwen Stefani something to smile about or a reason to plot some serious revenge.

Keys, who's enticed some of the strongest vocalists to join her team so far this Voice season, appeared on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last night (February 28) to take a spin on the amazing/dread-inducing Wheel of Musical Impressions. And, on Keys' very first turn, she was dealt a pretty tough hand: impersonate Stefani, and with kids' tune "Miss Mary Mack" as the choice song.

In the clip above, Keys takes the challenge in stride, and as the song begins, she does her best to emulate Stefani's signature, often-swallowed tone. Ultimately, though, she just resolves to bop around the stage and, in the style of "Hollaback Girl," proclaim repeatedly "I ain't Miss Mary Mack, girrrrl!"

"She is going to love that!" Fallon said. "That was great!"

Keys also impersonated Adele and Janis Joplin before finally bowing out.

Fellow Voice coaches Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine have also taken spins on The Wheel of Musical Impressions.

The new season of The Voice is now airing on NBC.

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