As many people have stepped up to adopt or foster animals during the COVID-19 quarantine, we still need to help our furry friends.

For one dog, it has been three long years sitting in a shelter, waiting to finally be part of a family.

The Animal Rescue League of El Paso is hoping their recent post on social media will help get Jeter finally adopted. As his "anniversary" is coming up, many volunteers and other media outlets have shared Jeter's story, in hopes of catching the attention of one incredible new family.

As you can read from the post, they are also hosting a "Jeter & Furiends" to help collect $1,097, which represents the number of days Jeter has been at the Animal Rescue League. The funds raised will go towards providing microchips, tests, vaccines and so much more!

According to the Animal Rescue League, they have had Jeter since he was four months old! While he has a good life with them, YOU could help give him a great life!

Jeter needs to know a life where he can sleep every time without a cage around him. He needs to feel the love of going on walks with the family, running in a park with a friend, and sleeping in a warm comfy bed with the whole family!

PLEASE, if you know anyone who has been thinking of getting a new dog, please let them know about Jeter.

Let us help celebrate birthdays with Jeter instead of days in the shelter!

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