Hurray! Toilet paper is now back in stock at most stores across El Paso, TX.

At the onset of the novel coronavirus panic buying across the states caused a shortage of toilet paper including El Paso.

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For a couple of months, toilet paper was in high demand as people rushed out to get there fill loading up on bundles of toilet paper.

The buying frenzy had membership retailers such as Sam’s and Costco limiting customers to one bundle per purchase while stores like Target and Walmart were immediately wiped out.

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The search for toilet paper was a real struggle – so much so that even local paper suppliers such as Spectrum Paper Company opened their doors to the public to try and keep up with the high demand.

Even though we are still dealing with the novel coronavirus toilet paper manufacturers have been working around the clock to get store shelves fully stocked.

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El Paso residents can now rest easy as toilet paper is back on store shelves including Albertsons, Target, King Food, Sam’s, and even Costco.

While toilet paper is thankfully back in stock other items such as Lysol disinfectant spray, disinfecting wipes, rubbing alcohol, and gloves are still in such short supply.


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