El Paso's iconic star on the mountain is back to its original color after glowing red for weeks, just in time for the holidays.


Since Friday, October 1st, El Paso's iconic star on the mountain has been shining red to commemorate several public safety campaigns, including Fire Prevention Week, National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and Red Ribbon Week. The color red was chosen because the DEA, firefighters, and the YWCA celebrate very similar events that incorporate the color in October.

After going dark for almost two weeks, the star on the mountain is once again glowing in its original clear and bright lights.

Miguel Vigil

When the star was lit red, El Pasoans had mixed reactions thinking at first that maybe the star had been shining red due to Halloween. But this isn't the first time that the star's color has changed. Last year the star shined blue in honor of law enforcement.

Now that the star has shined bright in two different colors, El Pasoans could expect the star to light up in other colors in the near future.

Alfonso Baeza

According to the El Paso Chamber of Commerce, the star has been going through various upgrades such as the transition from fluorescent bulbs to LED, and are currently in the design stages of being able to not only make the lights dance but will also allow for the star to shine in any color.

With the planned upgrades, the star on the mountain's capabilities might have us seeing the star turned pink in February for the month of Love, or a rainbow version during Pride Month, and maybe green in March for St. Patrick's Day.


Whatever color it shines, one thing's for sure - the star on the mountain remains one of El Paso's most unique landmarks that has come a long way since its inception over 80 years ago.

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