Since Friday, El Paso's iconic star on the mountain has been shining bright red, and here's why.

Jose Sariñana

Have you noticed that the El Paso star has been shining red all weekend?

No, the star on the mountain isn't shining red because of the upcoming Halloween holiday, as some El Pasoans might have thought.

El Paso's iconic star is and will continue to shine red all month to commemorate several public safety campaigns, including Fire Prevention Week, National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and Red Ribbon Week.


The star, nestled on the south side of the Franklin Mountains, was first built in 1940 by the El Paso Electric Company. Six years later, improvements gave way to expanding the star, and that is when the lighting of the star became an El Paso tradition during the Christmas season.

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Since then, the star on the mountain has lit up for many occasions, including having El Paso's star shine blue in observance of National Police Week and Police Officers Memorial Day.

The star on the mountain now shines daily, and Starlightings are available to the public as well.


According to the El Paso Chamber, which maintains the star, Starlightings costs $50 per night, which is perfect for celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or any special occasion for that matter.

Each starlighting includes a complimentary Starlighter Certificate with additional certificates available for $5 each.

For more information, on Starlightings visit the El Paso Chamber HERE.

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