During the early morning of June 30th, Justin Gibson, co-owner of Aurellia's Bottle Shop & Brewhouse woke up to some seriously bad news. According to Gibson's Facebook post, his mother contacted him around 4:00 a.m. about a break-in at Aurellia's.

About two hours after taking the time to process what just happened to his establishment, Gibson shared photos of the scene. He also shared some videos showcasing more damage and destruction to the beloved store. Watch out for some NSFW language.

If you want an example of the perfect way to handle a horrible situation with sarcasm, then you need to watch Justin's videos.

As angry as you may feel seeing all this damage, Justin and his company partner Ann Miller are not holding a grudge. They just want to keep moving forward and continue to help the community.

Sometimes sarcasm is the best way to stay positive. At least, that is what I do when I am annoyed with life. As Justin responded to comments on his Facebook post, along with updating his audience about the suspect, he does a great job at painted a picture about what the suspect did inside his shop.

Suspect in Custody
Nice Guy
Pizz & Key Lime

As Justin continues to answer comments on his post, he did throw out the idea of having a cleaning party. If you want to help them out, feel free to reach out to him or just show up to help clean and support Aurellia's. They mentioned they will probably be out cleaning till around 5 pm.

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