If you have a child who is autistic or has other special needs, you know that a regular day out to have fun can be a little overwhelming sometimes. Adventure Zone wants your kids to have fun so they are having a special event just for them.

AUsome Sundays at Adventure Zone will feature reduced noise, soft lighting, and 3 quiet rooms in case of sensory overload. Outside food and drink is allowed during event times only for guests on special diets, and a PECS menu is available upon request. Kids can have fun with unlimited golf, go karts, and bumper boats, (excludes escape room). Freeplay arcade (no redemption tickets) is also available, and there will be 50% off all food items.

The event is this weekend, February 3rd, 10 a.m. - noon. This is a private event and RSVP is required. Just click "going" on the Adventure Zone Facebook page, or call 915-585-9663 to RSVP. It is $5.00 entry per guest.

I reached out to Aime Phillips, Outreach Coordinator for Adventure Zone. She said:

We created Ausome Sundays last March. It all started because of our son who is Autistic. My husband is General Manager and my in-laws are owners so it's a family run business, but because of our son's sensory sensitivities we couldn't bring him to Adventure Zone without him getting over- stimulated which resulted in meltdowns. We have been amazed by the continued support from the special need community here! So every 1st Sunday of the month we have families come out to enjoy some fun in a judge free, sensory sensitive environment that allows kids to be kids...and also gives families a chance to connect with others who understand. ❤. Adventure Zone is certified by the Autism Society of Texas as a certified Autism Friendly Business, the only one in El Paso.

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