When you've got it, flaunt it, whether you are Rihanna or, say, the perennially 5 o'clock shadowed Adam Levine. The Maroon 5 singer and 'The Voice' coach covers the new issue of 7Hollywood, shirtless and with tattoos on full display.

We bet Levine's bromantic partner Blake Shelton, also of 'The Voice,' would be jealous of how good the singer looks in this spread. Levine is covering the Icons issue, and since he's been having some pretty iconic years since 2011, it makes sense. He's a fitting choice.

With his smattering of ink and his trim, tight, taut and toned physique, Levine is turning magazine modeling into a second gig.

After you get done gawking at and drooling over the shirtless shots, including the one below where he sorta looks like he's digging for buried treasure and picking his nose, check out this 30-second, behind-the-scenes clip from the shoot.

There's more shirt-free Levine, ladies. So go ahead, dive right in. You can never have too much of this good thing.

Adam Levine 7 Hollywood Cover
7 Hollywood

Watch Behind-the-Scenes Video of Adam Levine 7Hollywood Shoot