You know what El Paso doesn't have that other cities do? A sports bar owned by an NFL player/local hero of the gridiron. But it will soon.

Former University of Texas El Paso running back and current Green Bay Packers superstar Aaron Jones took to social media and announced plans to open a sports grill in El Paso “soon.” Makes sense. Dude just got a $13 million signing bonus and is in a whole new tax bracket now so he needs to do something with all those Green Bay bucks.

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“El Paso we got something special opening up soon - The Showtyme Sport Grill,” Jones posted on his Insta. Showtyme (or Showtime) is both Aaron’s nickname and his social media handle.

He didn’t say how soon his new business endeavor would open or which part of town the “high energy sports grill” will be located in, but my guess is in Northeast maybe in or around Fort Bliss.

He’s what is lovingly referred to as a military brat and does a lot of charity stuff for military families, so it would make sense from a representin' perspective. But it will probably end up being in the the Far East because that's where the population and the money is at.

It’s also not known yet what kind of cuisine his sports grill will serve up, but I imagine the usual sports pub fare of wings and burgers has to be in the mix. How about bowls of Touchdown Squares, too, Aaron?

Maybe next Khalid can open a karaoke bar on the “Eastside” and call it "Location."

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