OK ...so this is one of those sketchy stories that only seem to happen in some wierd unknown town.  But if it really is true...it's unreal!

This story's about a 49-year-old in Kazan, Russia named Fagilyu Mukhametzyano. She recently had a heart attack, doctors pronounced her dead, and her husband arranged for her funeral. Not sure how she made it into her open casket without an undertaker at least giving her a quick once-over...but maybe in remote parts of Russia they don't bother with that.

Anyway, while she was in the open casket at her funeral, she WOKE UP. Fagilyu looked around, realized she was in a coffin at her own funeral . . . and had ANOTHER HEART ATTACK. This one really was fatal, and she died for real 12 minutes later.

The hospital says they're investigating how they pronounced her dead in the first place. Here's a pic of Fagilyu.