The El Paso area now has 40 confirmed cases as of the publication of this post. It most likely will go up since El Pasoans are not strictly following rules.

I have been thinking of the coronavirus (COVID-19) as glitter. Most people hate glitter. I love glitter. I know how annoying glitter is to other people. My fiancé hates when I cover my eyes, my lips and my whole body in glitter. He ends up having glitter on his cheeks, hands and other weird places.

Now, think of that when you think about COVID-19. It can go everywhere and anywhere.

If that is still not a great example for you. Please watch this video below from the great guys at Mythbusters.

This is another example of how easily your secretions can get all over EVERYTHING.

PLEASE, PLEASE El Paso, stop going out to public places if you do not need to. This has been confirmed by officials to be 'community spread' which means it is not just being spread by people who have traveled out of town, it is not by person-to-person contact.

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