Some of us like to sleep with zero interruptions and I'm definitely one of them. As a matter of fact, many of friends on my social media accounts were drilling me for posting a picture with a sleep mask on my head after waking up midday this past Saturday. The joked about how ridiculous it is to actually use a face mask to block out any light in the comfort of my own home. I'm assuming face masks are more popularly used in situations like on a flight! I confess that while I'm the most sensitive to light or sound when I'm sleeping, often times a soothing playlist really hits the spot for me and encourages some of the best siestas that I've ever experienced! I'm not always wanting a mellow mood either when it comes to music that will put me to sleep. You'll notice the playlist to include Kaskade who is popular for his contributions to the world of electronic dance music, Louise Hay who is one of my favorite authors and her affirmations and incantations are the most stress relieving recordings that I've ever come across! Louise puts me to sleep every single time! And what's a relaxing playlist without Dua Lipa & Adele singing to you as if it were an adult lullaby! enjoy the playlist below and have a nice nap!

Kaskade - This This This

Louise Hay - Affirmations


Adele - A Million Years Ago


Dua Lipa - I Would Rather Go Blind

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