After three years of being on the road Ricky Martin & his family which includes his husband and two kids have settled in Los Angeles. Ricky gives a tour of his home in the video below chatting about a production that is currently in the works and asking the viewers to excuse the mess. In a moment of victory for Martin, his dining room table happens to be one of his first “big” purchases as an artist and 25 years later is the same dining room table that he uses to this day saying “it goes with me everywhere I go.”His husband, conceptual artist Jwan Yosef’s art is displayed all over the home and he even encouraged Martin to display his Grammy awards as accents of art in their family room. The couple had 3 days to find their Los Angeles stomping grounds and Martin says that it their current home is actually the first home they saw. Look out for the amazing screening room aka movie theater and the glorious master bedroom! The master bath is what dreams are made of! Check out the clip below.

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