Turns out that a bowl of pozole is considered a healthy food choice.

Pozole is a traditional Mexican stew that mainly contains hominy, meat, and sometimes is garnished with radishes, cabbage, avocado and lime. The favored stew can be eaten any time throughout the year however it is usually made for holidays such as Christmas, Birthdays and of course to celebrate Mexico’s Independence Day.

Last week the IMSS (Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social) which is a government organization in Mexico that assists public health, pensions and social security announced on Twitter that eating a bowl of pozole contains all the necessary nutrients for a perfectly balanced meal.

The IMSS says that while eating pozole is a healthy meal option partaking in chips and salsa, tacos, tamales, chicken wings, and gorditas is not and will ruin your diet and may cause weight gain.

Pozole can be made with red or green chile and is usually made with pork but can be substituted with beef or even chicken. I personally like my pozole sans meat all together instead opting for an extra handful of cabbage and radishes along with some sliced avocado and it instantly becomes a delicious savory veggie pozole with plenty of flavor.

While the IMSS does not apply to us in the states I will certainly take their word for it – after all, growing up in a Mexican household had us eating plenty of healthy and non-healthy food options but at least pozole turned out to be one of the healthier choices.


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