I used to think that there is nothing better than a piece of chocolate cake - Mike and I found out this morning that there is something better - chocolate cake balls from Sweet Addiction!

A Chocolate Affair Happens Thursday, January 30
courtesy: Sweet Addiction facebook

Paloma, the lovely lady from Sweet Addiction, came by to give us a preview of the goodies they'll be featuring at A Chocolate Affair happening this Thursday at The Fountains at Farah.  I really feel badly for Paloma, she made the mistake of feeding Mike and I chocolate early in the morning.  We got a little giddy when we first sampled her Chocolate Cake Balls:

Things kind of went crazy after that! We couldn't stop talking about cake balls! I almost made Mike choke when I said...

Paloma was such a good sport, especially when we talked about how you find out if cake is a boy or a girl:

Thanks so much to Paloma from Sweet Addiction for coming by and putting up with Mike and me! You can follow Sweet Addiction on Twitter, or just join us for A Chocolate Affair, and get your Chocolate Cake Balls on at The Fountains at Farah this Thursday night!

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