Spring Break is here, you're headed out for some much needed vacay. Did you pack right for the festivities? Here is a list of everything you will need that you may have not thought of.

1.) Long-sleeve tee - You never know when you will encounter a cool night. Especially going out near water.

2.) Evening Bag - Always take a small clutch that you can load with your going out necessities, like lip gloss, powder and maybe a small mirror, ID and cash.

3.) Dressy Flip Flops - Sure the beach flip flops are ok but you never know when you're gonna head out for a night on the pier and need nice sandals not full of sand.

4.) One all-seasons dress - Not too long, not to short and comfy.

5.) Denim cutoff shorts - You can pair these with almost anything and it will look cool.

6.) Black tank - This could be your go to when you aren't feeling fashionable.

7.) Cool inexpensive sunglasses - Because let's face it, you'll be in the sun and there is a 75% chance you will lose them.

8.) Nude wedges - Nude goes with everything and wedges are perfect for long walking days and your feet will not hurt as much.

9.) Pretty necklace - it can dress up a swimsuit or even that dress.

10.) And don't forget that phone charger!

Whatever you do, have fun and be safe this spring break.