KISS El Paso at EP Chihuahuas

The KISS El Paso crew had a great time at the El Paso Chihuahuas game with some listeners on the Fiesta Patio! While shoving our face with hotdogs, the DJs enjoyed the game's atmosphere and Mike tried to not twitch everytime a player hit a ball in the outfield.

We can't thank everyone enough for a great night with our "17 listeners" and everyone else who was at the game. El Pasoans are passionate about their baseball and you can surely feel it at the games. Plus, pigging out on ballpark food is always a good family fun event. We hope to have more outings with our listeners and party with Chico.

On a side note, the most impressive thing about that game was this super cool kid who impressed the whole stadium with his catching skills. If you know his name let us know so we can give him the respect his deserves!

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