Mike & Tricia's holiday homie, 915 Grinch (well we at least like to think he is) is showing a sweeter side this holiday season. Instead of being rude to his fans, he is letting his Christmas spirit show by accepting some smelly gifts from El Pasoans.

The 915 Grinch has been making the rounds at different shops and events in El Paso to take photos with children brave enough to climb up on his lap. I've seen a few photos of kids cry but also a few so happy to finally meet the Grinch. Everyone gets to meet Santa and that guy is super nice and probably smells like frosting.

Now the Grinch probably smells like onions but the kids do not care because they are the ones bringing onions! The strong treat is one of the Grinch's favorite snacks as you can see him just take a bite out of the raw onion. I love onions, but they have to be grilled and garnished on some type of meat.

El Paso's very own 915 Grinch's heart grew three times as big as a normal heart from all the onions and love he received from El Paso children. I am loving this video and I know you will too. Make sure you get your chance to meet the 915 Grinch before he heads out into onion hibernation after the holiday season!

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