Living in the Lone Star State, one thing is for certain: Texas is FULL of extremely talented musicians. I’ve written a couple of bands from all over the state that deserves some love. Well, a few people reached out with suggestions of their own so here’s some Texas music for you to enjoy:

Crown The Empire – If you like metalcore with a hint of hard rock & a spritz of progressive metal, you’ll want to check out Crown The Empire from Dallas. For over a decade, the hard rockin' Texans have giving a steady stream of tasty riffs & plenty of heavy moments.

Catch Your Breath – Another metal band worth checking out is Austin’s Catch Your Breath, They’ve been slowly gaining traction in the music scene (also being featured on social media thanks to Matt Bevan certainly helps) but they certainly have scored a few hits with singles like Criminal & Dial Tone.

Whiskey Myers – Fans of the Q might remember us playing a few of their songs in the past; the rock/country group from Palestine, TX, Whiskey Myers is still going strong. In fact they’ve recently done some recording at Sonic Ranch, Tornillo was released in July 29th, 2022.

Koe Wetzel – And speaking of recording in Tornillo, Pittsburgh’s Koe Wetzel has also branched that rock/country line recently. His album Welcome to Hell Paso was (yes) recorded at Sonic Ranch too & even made a short film all about his journey to El Paso.

Scattered Storm – There are many bands from El Paso that get noticed but how many get signed onto a huge label? Well Scattered Storm is signed onto Nuclear Blast & they’ve done a great job rocking & showing the world what El Paso can do.

Polyphia – While staying primarily instrumental, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some tasty progressive rock jams from Plano’s Polyphia. We’re certainly not the only ones who think they are worth checking out, as Loudwire's named BEST song of 2022.

Kublai Khan – No we’re not talking about the Emperor of China from the 1200s. However LIKE the former Chinese emperor, Kublai Kham from Sherman Texas HAS ruled over the stage many times; and have been since 2009.

Crafting The Conspiracy – A band I had the pleasure of interviewing their bassist Marcus a while back, Crafting the Conspiracy from Odessa is one that El Paso had a chance to see in 2021 as well. If you like heavy metal combined with progressive metal, you'll like CTC.

I AM – Our final entry on the list is simply… I AM from Dallas. They’ve shown their love for their home state many times; recently their style has been so heavy... it's been called Texas Death to show off their brutality. Are you interested in hearing it? I AM.

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