Anyone who has lived here for even a few years is familiar with Khalid and Aaron Jones. The pop star and the pro baller are the most recent personalities straight outta the 915 to find themselves in the national spotlight.

You’d think as far removed from the rest of Texas and hours away from other big cities as El Paso is, we wouldn’t have too many ties to one-time locals who made it big. But you’d be wrong.

Here are 8 other famous faces who were born, raised, or spent part of their youth in our little corner of the desert. Now, I know there are way more than eight prominent figures past and present with roots in the Sun City, so before you @ me with ‘what about this person? or ‘you left out that person,’ please note this list is neither all-encompassing or a definitive list of famous El Pasoans.

8 Celebrities Who Once Lived in El Paso

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