Chocolate is so yummy and after finding out how good it is for you, you now have more reason to feast on it!

When you were a kid I know you wished you were Augustus in that chocolate river in WIlly Wonka's Chocolate Factory. Now you can indulge in the sweet treat every now and again because there are reasons it's good for you!

  • 1

    Do you even math, Bro?

    Chocolate helps you with math! Yes, it's true! Chocolate contains flavonoids which science has proven increases brain function and helps with mathematic comprehension.

  • 2

    Chocolate may prevent cancer!

    Cocoa contains a compound called pentameric procyanidin, as known as crack. Not really, but it really helps aid in the prevention of cancerous cells! Joyous day!

  • 3

    Chocolate controls your cough.

    Have that pesky dry throat cough you can't shake? Chocolate contains a chemical compound, theobromine and it retracts the vagus nerve which is responsible for coughs. Have a chocolate bar and call me in the morning!

  • 4

    Chocolate improves brain function!

    Researchers at Johns Hopkins University found that dark chocolate shields brain cells and protects your brain during the time of a stroke.

  • 5

    Chocolate helps you live longer!

    Jeanine Calment lived to be 122! The oldest yet and she ate 2 and a half pounds of chocolate per week! Eat up!