Weddings are steeped in tradition, customs and vary with cultures. But the modern bride is always looking to stand apart and make her wedding day a unique and exclusive experience. 

Here are 5 different ways that brides are breaking the mold on old rituals and practices of conventional wedding traditions.

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    The Non Traditional Guest Book

    The guest book is a way to traditionally record the names of guests that attended your wedding. However, brides today are breaking free from boring guest books and having fun with unique items that play into the personalities of the couple. Some may choose a globe to have guests sign or even a puzzle piece for each guest to sign. In the end the bride and groom can build the puzzle together and it can become a decorative piece that captures the memories and sentiments of those close to them.

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    Away With The Seating Plan

    One of the biggest stress and breaking points of some brides is the seating chart. Having to accommodate personalities and or family members that don’t get along can really reek havoc on a bride planning her perfect day. New couples are throwing the seating chart out all together and allowing for a free for all where guests can sit wherever and with whomever they want.

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    Don't Let Them Eat Cake

    Some new couples are skipping the honored tradition of having an expensive tiered cake. Nowadays, the bride and groom are choosing to by pass the cake all together and go with alternative choices like gourmet cupcakes, pie or even cake pops.

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    Nix The Rice Tossing

    This old age practice is no longer advised simply because it’s a rather messy business to pick up. And no, the myth that the rice will hurt the bird population is simply untrue. Other fun substitutes range from throwing birdseed, to blowing bubbles, balloons, to eco friendly confetti which can be washed away with water or if you are going for more pizzazz, try sparklers.

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    Trash The Wedding Dress

    The idea of ever letting anything stain or ruin your gorgeous wedding dress would be grounds for panic and distress. However, the trending modern bride is all about wearing her wedding dress in unthinkable places to capture the perfect wedding photo op. From jumping into water, walking along the beach, trekking through a forest, or even going to extremes like setting the dress on fire like a bride once did. All this for the sake of encapsulating the perfect wedding day memory.