There are five Village Inns left in El Paso to score some scrumptiously yummy holiday pies this year.

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This year was the first year that I did not purchase a Village Inn holiday pie for Thanksgiving. Instead, another family member brought the dessert from another establishment, and while it was good, it wasn't anything quite like a pie from Village Inn.

Last year Village Inns in El Paso began to disappear, and Butter Smith restaurants began to pop up in their place. Folks in town kind of freaked out thinking that they would all be gone, but thankfully a few are still open and serving up some great eats, including their famous holiday pies.

Once upon a time, there were nine Village Inns open in El Paso, but today only five remain scattered across the city.

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My family and I have been fans of Village Inn pies for years, mainly because of their flavor consistency and presentation. So as we near Christmas and the New Year, you bet I'll be making my pie reservations so that we can truly satisfy our sweet tooth craving.

If you are a fan, too, hit up any of the remaining Village Inns in El Paso to score and get your holiday pie on.

Village Inns In El Paso:

  • Village Inn at 3464 Joe Battle Blvd · 915-849-5826
  • Village Inn at 2275 Trawood Dr · 915-592-7210
  • Village Inn at 1500 Airway Blvd · 915-779-5363
  • Village Inn at 7144 Gateway Blvd E · In Super 8 by Wyndham El Paso Airport · 915-772-7755
  • Village Inn at 6040 N Mesa St · 915-581-6329

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